Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Quest 3.6 Declaring my Epic Win - My Friend Charlotte

Charlotte Gough is one of my greatest friends of all time.  She has Autism.  In my opinion, I think having Autism is like being Gifted.  Charlotte has taught me many things and it has made me realize that people with Autism have this amazing way of looking at the world and I think that if we open our minds more to people with Autism and see it less as something that holds people back and more as something that could help move us all forward, we would change the world.

From day one I knew there was something different about Charlotte.  She didn't seem to have any friends.  She was playing by herself so I decided to walk over to her and see what was up.  We became fast friends and have been ever since.  I found out later that Charlotte had never really made friends like that and I found that sad because she is such an amazing person.

That was grade 1 and since that time, I have met other friends like Charlotte and I have noticed that I am often the person who is able to connect with them.  This is why I want my EPIC WIN to be about supporting people who don't get as much support or connection with our world as I do or as some, more advantaged kids do.

My first step is going to be an interview with Charlotte and we are going to talk about why she chose me as a friend and why people with autism are amazing.  Then I hope that Charlotte and I will create something special to share our message with the world.  I don't know more than that yet- so please stay tuned and comment below to add to my idea!

In the meantime... here is a special video that really touched my heart... Charlotte Gough everyone....

Charlotte on Parliament Hill

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  1. I think your epic win is an amazing idea! The video your gave a link to is so awesome and inspiring to everyone.I think that everyone without autism should watch it and think about how their actions can make others feel and how everyone needs a friend! Keep up the great work!