Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Quest 4.2 First Step

Click here to learn more about my Epic Win and my plan to get there.....

First Step towards epic win

    • What is the progression or the steps it will take to accomplish your Epic Win?
  • Write interview questions
  • Interview Charlotte
  • Find key messages in the interview
  • post it on youtube and get feedback (see if people like it)
  • Create something magical that will share our message and change the world
  • Victory Party!

    • What is the first step you will take and when will you do it?
  • Write interview questions- tonight!

    • What support and resources do you need to take this first step?
  • google docs for planning
  • my brainstorm buddy (mom)

    • How will you know you have succeeded at your first step?
  • I will have some good, awesome questions.

    • What’s next? Outline your plan and a timeline
  • In July- interview Charlotte, post it, work on how we are going to share it.
  • Aim to get 1000 views on Youtube by end of summer!
  • August - Victory Party

Quest 3.6 Declaring my Epic Win - My Friend Charlotte

Charlotte Gough is one of my greatest friends of all time.  She has Autism.  In my opinion, I think having Autism is like being Gifted.  Charlotte has taught me many things and it has made me realize that people with Autism have this amazing way of looking at the world and I think that if we open our minds more to people with Autism and see it less as something that holds people back and more as something that could help move us all forward, we would change the world.

From day one I knew there was something different about Charlotte.  She didn't seem to have any friends.  She was playing by herself so I decided to walk over to her and see what was up.  We became fast friends and have been ever since.  I found out later that Charlotte had never really made friends like that and I found that sad because she is such an amazing person.

That was grade 1 and since that time, I have met other friends like Charlotte and I have noticed that I am often the person who is able to connect with them.  This is why I want my EPIC WIN to be about supporting people who don't get as much support or connection with our world as I do or as some, more advantaged kids do.

My first step is going to be an interview with Charlotte and we are going to talk about why she chose me as a friend and why people with autism are amazing.  Then I hope that Charlotte and I will create something special to share our message with the world.  I don't know more than that yet- so please stay tuned and comment below to add to my idea!

In the meantime... here is a special video that really touched my heart... Charlotte Gough everyone....

Charlotte on Parliament Hill

Quest 3.5 I've Got What It Takes - A motivational speech to myself!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Quest 3.4 Showcase Another SuperHero Learner

Hi Everyone!
Today our quest was to explain our own definition of what success looks like, and share with you someone who inspires me.

My inspiration is Chris Ulmer  

Chris is a teacher. But...... he teaches a little differently from most teachers. You see Chris has special students who are often misunderstood by everybody else and can sometimes have trouble interacting with the world. Chris will change that! The way he does this is to compliment his students each and every morning when they arrive at their school. 

This story is very important to me because the way that he treats his students just touches my heart! I can learn a lot from Chris because I want to learn how to reach people in the way he seems to be able to and I am hoping to become an educator as well.

Here here is link to some videos and information about him. 

Special Books by Special kids

please leave a comment below to tell me what you think about his videos!



Quest 3.3 Things that Matter

In this quest I am going to tell you what matters most to me.

As you know what matters most to me is helping people who might need a friend as I said in my vision statement. Here are some other things that matter to me...... 

My family matter most to me.

I love arts and crafts, music, fitness, friends, reading, writing, lazy days, cottage life, exploring, hiking, biking, swimming, cooking, so many things to be passionate about in this lifetime.

Last night, a very special night, my grandad and I performed a song together at our Church talent showcase.  The song we performed is called Hold Back the River.  I hope you like it! Comment below!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Quest 2.6 Epic Win Brainstorm

Quest 2.5 A Letter to my Allies

Dear Allies,

I am writing to you because I have selected you to be one of my allies  (supporters) to help me on this course I am taking. It is called “ The Passionate Learner Experiment.”  In this course, our mission is to change the world in 24 hours.
I chose you to be one of my allies because you have been helpful to me in the past and I thought this would be a good place for you to help me again.

Right now I am still in the middle of trying to figure out what my passion project will be.  I am thinking of helping kids with different abilities.  I hope to change the world by helping them, supporting them  and making them feel equal to everyone else.  Being a friend to them.  But I haven’t exactly figured out the details of how I am going to do that yet… so that is what you can start to help me with.

Here are some ways that I hope you will help me on this journey…….

  • Visit my blog and give me feedback by commenting below each post or by email if you don’t like to comment right in the blog.
  • Send pictures or links for ideas to put up on my blog or to help me with my mission and passion project.
  • Talk with me about my ideas and help me figure out ways to put them into action to actually change the world.
  • Facetime me so that we can discuss stuff.
  • Choose a super ally name and share it with me.

And any other way you can think of to get involved, I would love to hear it!

Love you all

Gracie Triple M Master of Rhyme

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Just a thought..... Comparisons Between Parents Thoughts And Students Thoughts on Various topics!

Hi Again, Triple M Master Of Rhymes Reporting to you!

Today I spent a bit of time reflecting on an activity we did the first night the Passionate Learners got into action and I thought I would say a few things about it.

Here is the link to our brainstorm....

Superhero Learners and Parental Allies think about learners.

And here are some of my thoughts....

-Both student and parent thought that a learner should have a positive attitude     (...well students said smile and parents said enthusiastic)

-Both thought a passionate person makes work fun.

-Both thought a passionate person is enthusiastic about helping others.

-Both thought that someone who changes the world is loyal.

-Both thought a superhero is someone who will always be there when you need some help! :) 

-Both thought that a high school graduate is ready to change the world .

What comparisons did you notice? Can you relate to something that happens in your life? 
Let me know in comments!           

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Quest 2.4 Vision Statements

Hello, Triple M Master Of Rhyme checking in again!
Today our quest was to create a Vision Statement. Whats your vision statement? Comment and let me know at the bottom.

 Here is mine:

Vision Statement
I am Gracie. I lend a hand to people who need a friend. I do it for those in need. They want me to be by their side no matter what. They believe in themselves, and they can know that they have someone to rely on.

Here is something that a good friend sent to me. I hope I will make a big impact/change (positive) on many lives.


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Quest 1.3 Passionate Learner

Hello again! In this blog post I am going to share with you what a Passionate Learner looks like. I hope you enjoy!

The Passionate Learner

  • How do you learn best
    • When I am one on one or with a small group
    • What the teacher is teaching  is engaging   

  • What is your learning style?
    • Creative teaching
    • I have to see what the teacher is teaching  
  • What kind of learning or teaching does not work for you?
    • When the teacher is explaining something only verbally
    • In the box thinker   

  • How do you learn when the circumstances do not match your learning style?
    • I ask my parents for some help once I get home or I ask the teacher for some help to give me a another explanation

  • Who and what helps you learn?
    • My Mom and my dad and sometimes my teacher and Shauna help me learn
    • Usually technology  helps me learn

  • What would you tell your younger self to help them learn better?
    • I would tell my younger self to be confident in herself

  • What do you hope you’ll be able to learn in the future?
    • What I would hope to learn is to try your hardest no matter what
  • What tools do you need to learn?
    • What tools I would need to learn with are Chromebooks and pictures

  • What skills or experience do you need to develop to make yourself a better learner?
    • To believe in myself and to stay positive
    • To always look for evidence   

  • How do you demonstrate digital literacy?
    • I use google a lot and google docs
    • I like to go on ixl
    • I text and email

  • How do you demonstrate passion?
    • I show my passion by doing my community clean up each year
    • I get active
    • I read books and watch tv shows
    • I go to the art gallery and go to the museum
    • I spend time outside
    • Share ideas  with friends
  • What are you passionate about?
    • Reaching out to people who might need a friend
    • Nature
    • Running and soccer
    • writing and rhyming (of course!)

  • How often do you get to learn about the things you are passionate about?
    • Every middle block when we are doing communication my teacher gives interesting information and I get to write.

  • If you could build a classroom or school that works perfectly for you, what would it look like?
    • It would not be organized by grade, it would be organized by interests
    • Tech rich and friendly
    • Visual learning
    • Blue sky thinkers
    • Imagineers
    • Icons of Walt Disney
    • fun!
    • Shauna Pollock would be the Principal!

Quest 1.2 Super Hero Triple M Master of Rhyme


In this blog post I would like to introduce myself and my strengths..... in song!
My name is Gracie but when I am at my desk, working on my Passionate Learner Projects, I am Superhero Learner, Mega Metal Mouth (on account of my braces) Master of Rhyme (on account of my master rhyming abilities!)

Everyone knows the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.....

Well.... here's my version of it, introducing my signature strengths and my one Kryptonite (weakness!)

Song rewrite -Happy

It might seem crazy what I'm about to say
I’m gonna talk about all my strengths
I am good at many many many things
But there’s one, one thing I’d like to change
Because I'm Kind
Clap along if you feel the kindness in the room
Because I'm Loving
Clap along if you feel like love means something to you
Because I have forgiveness
Clap along if you want to forgive me too
Because I'm fair
Clap along if you know that fairness is the thing to do
Here come bad news talking this and that
Yeah, I got a thing that I’m working at
Yeah, well I should probably warn you I'll be just fine
Yeah, Cause self - regulation will soon be mine
Because I'm Kind
Clap along if you feel the kindness in the room
Because I'm Loving
Clap along if you feel like love means something to you
Because I have forgiveness
Clap along if you want to forgive me too
Because I'm fair
Clap along if you know that fairness is the thing to do

Oh ya… and I am socially intelligent too!

Quest 1.1 What Is The Perfect Teacher?

I am a part of the passionate learner experiment which is a course I am taking. If you want to learn more about it Click Here. The first quest of our first mission, was to find out what our perfect teacher was and we had to answer these questions:

  • What do you need from a teacher?
  • What do you want from a teacher?
  • What do you need a teacher to know about you and the way you learn?
  • Shauna has offered to be an ally, collaborative curator, lead learner and guide - are there other things you need her to be?
  • What are things you have loved about past teachers?
  • What are things you wish you could change about past teachers?

This is where we could get creative. We could answer these questions in many different ways. We could do them in a video and post it on youtube or a song or poem we could even do a quote.

I choose to do a a video/ poem with my dad.

Have a look and tell me how you like it!