Sunday, 24 April 2016

Just a thought..... Comparisons Between Parents Thoughts And Students Thoughts on Various topics!

Hi Again, Triple M Master Of Rhymes Reporting to you!

Today I spent a bit of time reflecting on an activity we did the first night the Passionate Learners got into action and I thought I would say a few things about it.

Here is the link to our brainstorm....

Superhero Learners and Parental Allies think about learners.

And here are some of my thoughts....

-Both student and parent thought that a learner should have a positive attitude     (...well students said smile and parents said enthusiastic)

-Both thought a passionate person makes work fun.

-Both thought a passionate person is enthusiastic about helping others.

-Both thought that someone who changes the world is loyal.

-Both thought a superhero is someone who will always be there when you need some help! :) 

-Both thought that a high school graduate is ready to change the world .

What comparisons did you notice? Can you relate to something that happens in your life? 
Let me know in comments!           


  1. You did a great job noticing similarities between the parent and learner opinions.

    I loved doing this exercise and was so impressed by the thought that participants put into the questions. I was surprised how similar the answers from each group were.

    Keep up the amazing work,
    I believe in you.

  2. Gracie, I loved how you took the initiative to take a closer look at this exercise and comment on the similarities and differences.

    Great work. You are really doing well in this project.
    Love you so much and am super proud of you!