Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Quest 1.3 Passionate Learner

Hello again! In this blog post I am going to share with you what a Passionate Learner looks like. I hope you enjoy!

The Passionate Learner

  • How do you learn best
    • When I am one on one or with a small group
    • What the teacher is teaching  is engaging   

  • What is your learning style?
    • Creative teaching
    • I have to see what the teacher is teaching  
  • What kind of learning or teaching does not work for you?
    • When the teacher is explaining something only verbally
    • In the box thinker   

  • How do you learn when the circumstances do not match your learning style?
    • I ask my parents for some help once I get home or I ask the teacher for some help to give me a another explanation

  • Who and what helps you learn?
    • My Mom and my dad and sometimes my teacher and Shauna help me learn
    • Usually technology  helps me learn

  • What would you tell your younger self to help them learn better?
    • I would tell my younger self to be confident in herself

  • What do you hope you’ll be able to learn in the future?
    • What I would hope to learn is to try your hardest no matter what
  • What tools do you need to learn?
    • What tools I would need to learn with are Chromebooks and pictures

  • What skills or experience do you need to develop to make yourself a better learner?
    • To believe in myself and to stay positive
    • To always look for evidence   

  • How do you demonstrate digital literacy?
    • I use google a lot and google docs
    • I like to go on ixl
    • I text and email

  • How do you demonstrate passion?
    • I show my passion by doing my community clean up each year
    • I get active
    • I read books and watch tv shows
    • I go to the art gallery and go to the museum
    • I spend time outside
    • Share ideas  with friends
  • What are you passionate about?
    • Reaching out to people who might need a friend
    • Nature
    • Running and soccer
    • writing and rhyming (of course!)

  • How often do you get to learn about the things you are passionate about?
    • Every middle block when we are doing communication my teacher gives interesting information and I get to write.

  • If you could build a classroom or school that works perfectly for you, what would it look like?
    • It would not be organized by grade, it would be organized by interests
    • Tech rich and friendly
    • Visual learning
    • Blue sky thinkers
    • Imagineers
    • Icons of Walt Disney
    • fun!
    • Shauna Pollock would be the Principal!

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  1. Gracie, I love your vision for the school - and especially that I'd get to be a part of it! Could a big chunk of my principal duties be working and learning with the students?!