Sunday, 15 May 2016

Quest 3.4 Showcase Another SuperHero Learner

Hi Everyone!
Today our quest was to explain our own definition of what success looks like, and share with you someone who inspires me.

My inspiration is Chris Ulmer  

Chris is a teacher. But...... he teaches a little differently from most teachers. You see Chris has special students who are often misunderstood by everybody else and can sometimes have trouble interacting with the world. Chris will change that! The way he does this is to compliment his students each and every morning when they arrive at their school. 

This story is very important to me because the way that he treats his students just touches my heart! I can learn a lot from Chris because I want to learn how to reach people in the way he seems to be able to and I am hoping to become an educator as well.

Here here is link to some videos and information about him. 

Special Books by Special kids

please leave a comment below to tell me what you think about his videos!



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  1. He sounds like an amazing teacher! You are very lucky to have those kind of people in your life :) Keep up the great work!